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We’re passionate about infrastructure, so you don’t have to be.

About Us

Elastihost is a premium web hosting provider for personal websites, bloggers, creative professionals, agencies and businesses. We’re technical architects, engineers and business professionals passionate about providing the fastest, most secure and highly available web hosting in the industry.

About Us - Team


We’re located outside of Dallas, Texas. As a US based web hosting company we provide all of our services in the United States, to include support and data centers that house our equipment.


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High Performance Compute

We utilize AWS Elastic Compute Cloud for our shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions offering the scalability and performance necessary for the largest of websites.

Resilient Networking

Capable of withstanding the highest network loads during peak periods, as well as distributed denial of services (DDOS) attacks. Our network configuration can automatically scale on demand.

SSD Backed Storage

All Elastihost services are backed by high-speed Solid State Disk (SSD) storage.

AWS Technology Partner
Our platform is powered by AWS

Designed for extreme scale, our platform adheres to the AWS Well Architected Framework to ensure the highest possible performance.

We’re passionate about infrastructure, so you don’t have to be.